Rowan Alistair– An ode to Life!

I was born and raised in Leeds, England; I remember that I was overly fond of music and enjoyed singing a lot when growing up. Probably one of the main reasons why I joined the church and school choirs at the age of eight.

Spent nine memorable years of my life in her “Majesty Royal Air Force” that took me to various countries around the world. This brought a long dry spell to my singing ambition.

In 1984, after leaving the Air Force, I settled down in Germany, in a town called Hamm in the “Ruhr area” – the industrial art of Germany.

I came across a band called “Looking for Batch” and joined them as the lead singer. Around this time, AIDS was a widespread problem, and globally there were reservations around discussing the disease.

The band addressed the issue and planned to release the song, “Safer sex is up to date.” After a dispute with our manager the song was unfortunately not released, I decided to leave the band in 1988 for personal and ill-timed reasons.

In 1990 my only child Justin was born; it was a very great moment for me. Regrettably, due to my job, I was only home at the weekends and could not indulge in a father’s day-to-day adventures with his son.

Life was not easy at this point, but now, I see these tribulations as a lesson for life.

In May 2013, I joined the Gospel Choir “Sing Out” and started pursuing my passion and found joy in music all over again. With the Choir, we participated in many concerts across North Rhine-Westphalia. My biggest moment up to date was while we were participating in the World Choir Games in South Africa in 2018. We did a concert in a Church in Soweto, Johannesburg. It was indeed one of the most emotional moments of my life.

I still sing in this choir when the time allows. Have worked on various musical productions, including “The Martin Luther King Story”, “The Life Of Nelson Mandela” etc. (as a Tenor in different choirs).

I sing when I'm happy, I sing when I'm sad, the idea of renouncing pleasure and pain makes me so mad.

- Rowan Alistair